Mother’s Day Poem

This poem was written for my Mom on Mother’s Day 2012.









I love you mom!  Thanks for everything!

Happy day to you, dear mom. Youv’e earned the applause well.
When I compare the plight of some, my heart with praise doth swell.
God gave to me a mother, who gave her life to me.
He could have chosen some other, in her place to be.
But God knew a special truth, that could not be denied;
that I belonged in your care, where in your love I’d thrive.
So thank you, my dear mother, for all you’ve said and done.
And thank you Heavenly Father, for making me her son.

-Paul Chapman 5-13-12

The Mother of My Children

This poem was written for my beautiful wife Sarah on Mother’s Day 2012.  She is a gift from God to me and our children!

The Mother of My Children

The mother of my children is a gift from God above.
I’ve never been so proud, of a mother’s special love.
She passed through jaws of death, to give them precious life.
That act of love set the pace, for a life of sacrifice.
She is the one that teaches – to read, to write, to love,
to sing, to work, to laugh; to walk with God above.
I’ve seen her help our children, learn to walk life’s road,
while never to them complaining, about her heavy load.

This is the highest calling, a woman can receive,
to be a wife and mother, and to her husband cleave.
So thank you to my sweetheart, for offering to be
the mother of my children, and the better half of me.

-Paul Chapman 5-13-12